Thursday, October 17, 2013

Banco de Credito de Bolivia : products and general information

Credit Bank is a bank Bolivia slightly younger, yet has managed , in its years of existence , won the appreciation and trust of its customers. This strong institution open to new ways of technology, trying to adapt to their conditions of bank in a country of the third world, developing innovative models of Internet banking and telephone banking .

Credit history Bank of Bolivia

Credit Bank of Bolivia ( BCB ) is 100% subsidized by the Credit Bank of Peru ( BCP ) . Its commercial doors first opened in 1994 , after having acquired the Banco Popular. The BCP in operation since 1889 , is a solid company with experience in the monetary field , making it a leader of its kind in the South American nation . Beginning in 1998, the bpb , was pushing through its domestic competitors , climbing stairs slowly , which earned him getting better places in the country. In 2000 he was gracious for this company , which jumped abysmal towards developing the latest technologies. Finally Servimatic incorporated a system which revolutionized the way of thinking in Bolivia and definitely confirmed the top place to bet the bpb . Currently the bpb is making its way into the money market , raising the level of preparedness of their workforce and improving the technologies applied . Right now working on the implementation of banking by phone and internet so that the customer will always be near your bank.
Products Credit Bank of Bolivia

The main products of BPB are:

· Savings account .

· Deposit and cash withdrawals .

· Payment of electricity and telephone.

· Buying and selling dollars .

· Receiving remittances from abroad.

· Issue and receipt of turns and wire transfers.

· Consultation and balances .

· Free Savings Plan .

· Fixed term deposits .

· Housing Mortgage Lending .

· Vehicle Credit .

· Cash Credit .

· Business Credit .

· Debit and credit cards .

or Gold Travel.

Classical or Classical and International .

or Credimás .

· Protection Insurance BCP .

· Multiple Insurance .
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