Thursday, October 17, 2013

Mortgage deutsche bank : applying requirements and hiring process

Deutsche Bank ( D & B ) is considered one of the best banks in Europe. In the ranking for the 7th consecutive year stands at No. 1 worldwide currency EuroMoney source . In Spain has opened 250 offices , your brand BanCorreos operates over 2300 and the number of ATMs amounted to 23,000 covering the entire country.

A Spanish and German bank for everyone

The Deutsche Bank Group in Spain is Spanish Company with Deutsche . An entity groundbreaking for its innovation and trust worldwide .

Low Deutsche Bank Mortgages

Its products HipoteCasa HipoteCambio DB and DB , covers 80 % of the valuation to a maximum of 30 years , with one big advantage : Protection HipoteCap db , a way to protect the increase in Euribor and benefit from their downs, selecting coverage interest rate for your mortgage, which means big savings in the monthly fee , saving that can be allocated to hire a pension fund in the same entity.

Requirements and Recruitment

On the Web db ( DeutcheBank ) obtain all necessary information before applying for a loan to ensure the conditions for hiring and determine offer a cheap mortgage or the best mortgage market . A comparative mortgage baastará you to find out.

For those who wish to have this information in advance

These are the general requirements and procedures for recruitment .

Documents needed : Photocopies of D.N.I. and final tax return

Details of property to be mortgaged :

Photocopy of deed , note or certificate of registration failing Property ,
Copy IBI ( property tax ) corerspondiente the last bill paid.


Photocopy last three payslips or failing receipt of the employer.


Declaration I.V.A. last year and I.A.E.

In case you want to change your mortgage to Deutsche Bank
The last 4 bills paid on your mortgage loan
All products of a large European bank

In either Deutsche Bank offices spread across the country can learn about all the products and services for individuals, business or company.

Applying for a mortgage Deutsche Bank

Your application can process it now via internet, using the form on line or going to a DB Offices or one of our Financial Agents .

They have a mortgage loan simulator on line , for the calculation of your mortgage loan . And because they no longer need to perform the calculation of interest on your mortgage , because it protects HipoteCap db Protection

The strength of Deutsche Bank

Lies in the responsibility of the services offered and supported by millions of customers around the world .
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