Thursday, October 17, 2013

Pros and cons of Deutche bank

Deutche bank , is one of the most highly regarded banks in Spain , by the ranking done recently between Spanish Banks . Then we discuss what is known about him , with their positive and negative points . Pros and cons of Deutche bank

What do I know of Deutche Bank?

It is a bank with German flag, has a great importance in the world , being a global bank , ie with many offices in many parts of the world.

He is considered one of the first banks with foreign capital Spain 's most important , according to the National Ranking .

It has a great importance in the history of cultural agreements , economic and other , previously shared between Germany and Spain .

Being now Germany a major European powers at the economic level , the Deutche Bank is the largest collecting and distributing benefits loans nationally and internationally , participating in operations with governments between Spain and Germany.

One of the best positive points have Deutche Bank, is the online availability 24 hours a day in all services , very safely through their official website Deutsche - .

Another strong positive points are the advantages that provides customers with seniority with them, for any enthusiasts need them either loans , credit, etc. .

Beneficial is offering their cards in transactions ServiRed ATMs without fees or commissions , which provide great security and diversity as they are located in any part of Spain .

For them the commissions do not exist or are very low, as they offer many services without charge, but must be mentioned that in the services we have commission charge high fees .

The credit card is Visa offering self - MasterCar is rechargeable , so you can use it at any ATM in the world although they have many more advantages than normal.

The loans are low-interest offering a great benefits to older clients .

One of the things that would have to improve or worry more seriously , is the customer service they offer, due to many complaints on the net for not reporting a clear and concise answer to client questions asked.

In the early years of opening an account , often charge high interest or fees either for maintenance or services.

Few offices in any small town, is the most contested complaint when it comes to this bank.
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