Thursday, October 17, 2013

Three practical steps to apply for a Visa

In Spain there are over 37 million VISA cards issued and within your group are entities like Servired , cash 4B and Euro 6000 . The currency with which we live has imposed new tools available to many people providing comfort and security to everyday transactions , where to get a VISA , requirements and advice is what we propose in this space.


The VISA card is the mark of a credit card and debit worldwide recognition, operator is called Visa International Service Association , based in San Francisco , California , USA .

The level of acceptance of these cards is incomparable with any other of the powerful means of payment industry .
Steps and Requirements

As a first step we must meet a number of requirements.

Here we will show some basic requirements to obtain a VISA card , which vary depending on the bank or to the issuing financial institution .

General requirements .

    Not having negative balances in the financial system : These records must present positive balances ( No debts ) from at least 12 months prior to the date of application.

    Income above 1200 euros: it is generally a rule obtain three pay stubs .

    More than twelve months of seniority : This requirement is the same for those who work for others and for self .

    Age between 18 and 75 years : This age range is approximate, subject to assessment of the issuer of the card.

    Present the original identity card and a photocopy : If you do not have the DNI may present another document that certifies the holder as the NIE for foreigners residing in Spanish territory .

    Proof of entitlement to a basic service of applicant: Owner of a service like water, electricity , telephony , etc. .

    Birth Certificate : Submit a birth date in the original .

Second Step , to apply.

The application for the card is very simple .

VISA card can be requested at the bank that is most comfortable to the applicant , such as Banco BBVA , Banco Santander , Citibank , etc. .

Third step , respect the rules of use of the VISA card .

Once you receive the card is advisable to respect the rules of use as protection expenditure and ensure the safety of its use .

VISA cards incorporate a travel assistance insurance that provides peace of mind knowing that the user has the backing of a recognized worldwide .
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